The topspin lob explained

The topspin lob is a great shot to have at your disposal. You won’t see it used frequently at any level of the game and there may only be a few times during a match where you’re even able to use it. But those few times will be essential. This shot can win you the point outright. So, if you’re not already familiar with it, pull up a chair and let’s find out how it’s done.

First, I want to talk about when to use it. As a general rule most tennis players don’t like to be at the net. They’re uncomfortable with volleying and overheads and usually the low dipping pass is the better option. But when they’re right on top of the net, that’s the time to pull it out. Topspin lobs are notoriously difficult to run down and If you execute this correctly, it should result in you winning the point almost every time.

So how do you hit one? Here are the basic ingredients for having a solid topspin lob:

1. Semi-Western grip

2. Getting the racquet head well underneath the ball before making contact.

3. Hitting the lob like an exaggerated brush stroke.

4. A bit of strength in your traps and lats.

Before we move on, let me address what I mean by brush stroke. When you hit a topspin lob, you want to feel like you’re brushing up the ball from well underneath and imparting as much height as possible. It’s especially important to get great height because the racquet face will be closed while your executing the lob. Meaning that you’ll have to create the height with your body.

To begin, start with your forehand take-back position. Drop the racquet well underneath the ball and brush up against it with maximum angle. You want to feel it lifting high off your strings with the racquet ideally finishing in a high position.

Now you don’t have to finish high but at some point during the motion the racquet must be up around your head level.

I’m serious. The racquet has to get up high or else the ball won’t and you’ll basically award your opponent with a sitter.

Try out these tips and leave me a comment below about your game.

I want to hear how it’s working out for you. What’s your playing style, do you have great volleys or can you even hit volleys and how you fair at lobbing someone. Especially, during a match.

I’m looking forward to your responses. Thanks for reading my blog.

Until next time.

Alex Daniels


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