Alex’s thoughts on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win

It may be a month overdue but I’ve still got to get my thoughts out on this. After all, this was a great win for him and finally brought an end to the UK’s 76 year Wimbledon title drought (Geez, even my grandpa isn’t that old.)

Isn’t it great? We’ll never have to hear that statistic again!

I was surprised that the final wasn’t more closely contested. Probably a lot of it had to due with the crowd, playing too big of a factor in the outcome.

Poor Nole. Can you imagine trying to win Wimbledon, when fifteen thousand people are cheering against you? Cheering every time you double fault and nearly swarming the stadium, during the final game of the match. Especially, while you’re desperately trying to make a come back.

The crowd, would have made it almost impossible for anyone to have beaten Andy on this day. But to his credit, the Scott brought his A-game to the finals and Novak clearly looked tense.

This win, puts him in a different stratosphere. Andy Murray, is now officially part of the “Big Four.” I know this isn’t anything new. He’s been considered as part of that group for years. But up until recently that status has been debatable. With two grand slams, he can now be considered a legitimate threat. Instead of a “dark horse.”

All I can say is that I hope the second slam has given him a lot of confidence. Going into the US Open, with a star studded field, Djokovic, Del Potro, Federer, and a refreshed Nadal, it will take everything he’s got to retain it.


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