Who looks ready for Wimbledon






This may be the first time in quite a few years, that Wimbledon is up for grabs. Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer are all leading contenders and I don’t feel there’s a clear favorite among them. Nadal has momentum going in, while Novak appears to have lost his and Roger, is hanging right in there with them.

They are so close in points right now that either Federer or Nadal could reclaim the number one ranking if Nole, loses before the semis and one of them wins the tournament. If Djokovic loses Wimbledon, it’s going to put his ranking in serious danger over the next few months, where he has a lot of points to defend.

Now, I’ve got to say something about this draw. We’ve got Federer and Djokovic in the same half again, while Nadal gets Murray in his section. At this point I have to ask why the number one player is always playing the number three and the number two always gets the number four? They’re supposed to have a fifty/fifty chance to play each other but Djokovic has drawn Federer at six of the last seven slams. Six of the last seven slams. Does that mean the draw’s fixed? Maybe that would explain why Mahut is supposed to meet Isner in the second round. Yep, for the third year in a row they’re scheduled to meet early at Wimbledon. Obviously it can’t all be a coincidence. There’s no way, the same two guys are going to keep drawing each other in the first two rounds, without some kind of tournament intervention. It’s all a bit too strange, don’t ya think?

Anyway, I’m picking Nadal to win Wimbledon. His draw is not terribly easy with Haas and Kohlschrieber (the guy who recently beat him) scheduled to meet in round three but Tsonga is probably going to be his first real test.

I haven’t said much about Andy Murray and that’s because I’m not expecting anything new from him. Murray, is a three time semi-finalist at Wimbledon. His results are consistently good but of the top four players, he’s been the most shaky. Milos Raonic, is lurking in his quarter and I could see him taking Andy Murray out. For some reason, I get the feeling he’ll be out early this year.


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