Nadal prevails in Paris








After an action packed final between the best two players in the world, it was Rafael Nadal who emerged victorious to claim his seventh title at Roland Garros. It’s amazing, when you think about how the French Open has played such a pivotal role over the last 8 years. It’s been the tournament that has foiled most of the runs at the calendar year grand slam. If anything, that should demonstrate how different clay is from the other two surfaces.

I’m sure Nadal, was thankful for the rain delay at 1-2 in the fourth set. Had the match not been postponed, it would have been Nole who hoisted the Coupe de Mousquetaires.

Now, with his quest for the grand slam over. Novak will be setting his sights on Wimbledon. Nadal, will be back to challenge him, as will Federer, Del Potro, and Murray. But this year, it’s up for grabs. Any of these guys are capable of winning it.

Del Potro is a little bit of a question mark. His best results have not come on grass and the knee issue make his chances of going far, even more questionable. Still, he has one of the best forehands around and his serve is an absolute bomb. With tools like these he’ll be a tough force to stop on grass.

Halle, will be starting this week, and Federer and Nadal have both entered in. This is the first time they’ve played the same grass court warm-up in seven years. It’s a pretty irrelevant stat but Nadal’s record at Halle is 0-1. Although with Luckas Lacko as his first round opponent, I’m pretty sure the two time Wimbledon champion will be improving that record soon.

Federer, has a dangerous opponent in the quarters. Milos Raonic, who despite losing twice to Roger, has taken him the distance in both of their meetings.

Look for some exciting action to take place over the next few weeks.


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