Federer vs Berdych for Madrid crown

It’s Berdych against Federer for the title of blue clay master. Who are you pulling for? I’m going with Roger, to win the tournament and hoist the blue trophy over his head. Seriously, this tendency towards blue has got to stop. I’ve been hearing rumors about the ball being changed from yellow to electric blue for Madrid in 2013. I sincerely hope they’re wrong and it’s just a myth being stirred up by the tennis community.

Incidentally, I should mention that Roger will move up to two in the world if he wins the finals. This would be the first time he’d be ranked higher than Nadal in two years. That and it would tie his record for masters series titles with Nadal at 20 each. Given the significances of this match and Berdych’s comparative lack of experience in finals. I think Federer is a likely winner in their face off.


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