Raonic on fire in Barcelona

The 11th seed Milos Raonic, has surprised everyone by knocking off the clay court specialist Nicolas Almagro and the second seed Andy Murray in back to back matches.

This would be an impressive achievement under any circumstance but Raonic is fairly inexperience on the red dirt. Winning matches like this against top level players, has elevated Milos to the the “Threat on all surfaces” category. He’s no longer just a fast court specialist.

I’ve been reading some comments on other blogs. It seems that some fans, believe Murray has lost all likelihood at another slam, because of this loss to Raonic. I urge you not to believe this. Clay is Andy’s worst surface. That’s pretty much a given. His performance on clay pales in comparison to what he can do on a hard court. If Andy is going to win a slam, it’s most likely going to be in Australia or perhaps Wimbledon. On clay he’s simply too far behind the other top four players, to really be a serious contender at the French Open.

Also Raonic, is an excellent athlete with an imposing game. I’ve been following him since last year and I think he’s got the potential to be a grand slam winner. That slam may not be far off either after what I’ve seen this past week.

Up next for Milos Raonic is David Ferrer. While I don’t expect him to win the match, I’ll still be interested to see how hard he’s able to push the veteran Spaniard. My prediction is Ferrer takes it in three sets.

Regardless of what happens. Raonic, has now proven that he’s got the game to hang with the big boys and sooner or later he’s going to be there with them.


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