Blue clay in Madrid?!

You may have heard by now, that Madrid will be changing the color of their clay courts from the traditional red/brown to blue. Blue? It’s definitely strange looking. Some top players have voiced their opinions against it. Both Djokovic and Nadal, have stated that they are opposed to the new change. I can’t say I blame them either. Madrid, is the only tournament during the clay court season to be played at a high altitude. Making it significantly different from the other events. Conditions wise, it’s most similar to Roland Garros. With the speed of the clay being about the same.









Like it or hate it, the blue clay is probably here to stay. It’s really just apreference thing, anyway. And it does bring an original aspect to the tournament.

Ion Tiriac, the tournament owner said that the reason behind the change, was to make it easier for fans to follow the ball. I will agree with him on that point. Sometimes I lose track of the ball when I’m watching a clay court match. In fact this may start a new trend for clay court tournaments, to change the clay from red to other colors which are easier on the eyes.


2 thoughts on “Blue clay in Madrid?!

  1. I hadn’t heard this until I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing it. I think the blue will be nice; at least it will help us keep Madrid separate in our minds from Barcelona, Monte Carlo and all the other French Open warm-up tourneys.

    • Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that the blue clay, will distinguish Madrid from the other clay court tournaments. Yet it’s not the kind of change that should have any real effect on the players.

      Djokovic won’t lose early just because the clay is blue.

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