Nadal ends losing streak to Djokovic!!!!

It’s finally happened. Novak Djokovic’s winning streak against Rafael Nadal, has been brought to an end. Not surprisingly, on the surface which suits Nadal’s game best. Clay. Monte Carlo, must be one of Nadal’s favorite tournaments. He typically, dominates the clay court season but some of his most lop-sided matches have been at this tournament. The clay there, seems to fit right to his preference.

I watched the match and it looked to me like Nadal, was able to hit more forehands than usual. I attribute this partly to Nole, being tired and maybe losing some steam off his groundies, after that first set.

I’m glad Nadal, was able to get the win. This was a much needed victory for him and leaves me wondering whether this match will be a turning point in their head to head or just a rare win for Nadal against his arch-rival.

To a degree, it’s going to reset things because Djokovic’s winning streak against him is over. But with seven straight wins. Novak, still has the clear mental edge. Should they meet in the finals of the French Open, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the match go five. Most of the slam finals between Nadal and Djokovic have been very close. I wouldn’t expect this one to be any different. Though after watching this display against Djokovic..I’m starting to think Nadal, will win more slams


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