Djokovic and Monaco make the Sony Ericsson semis

Well, I was off a little bit on my predictions. I got the first one right, with Djokovic knocking off Ferrer, in straight sets. But faltered with Fish. Juan Monaco, showed tremendous heart by obliterating the American in two, very one sided, sets.

This was a huge win for Monaco, Maybe the biggest of his career. Unfortunately, he has to play Djokovic, next and his record against both Djokovic and Nadal, is one win to seven losses. I’d love for Monaco, to somehow win this tournament. Have the lesser known player, be the one who steals the crown. Just like in 2010. When Ivan Ljubicic, won the BNP Paribas Open, despite having to go through Nadal and Roddick.

Realistically, my prediction is that Djokovic, will win the match in two tight sets.

This now brings us to the other semi, with Nadal and Murray. I said before that my prediction was for Nadal to defeat Murray in a close match. Now, I’m hearing about flair ups with his patella tendinitis. Nadal, appears to suffer from this chronic pain, constantly. Although, it doesn’t always effect the outcome of his matches. I’m still going to stay with Nadal, to reach the finals. But if the condition is as bad as he says it is, look for Murray to be playing Djokovic (or Monaco) on Sunday.


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