Ryan Harrison, best of the up coming Americans?

The other day, I was watching a match between Ryan Harrison and Novak Djokovic. The match was from last year, in Cincinnati. And despite Nole, winning in a fairly routine straight setter, I got the feeling that I might be looking at the next great American player, in Ryan Harrison.

I believe Harrison, has the complete package in terms of athleticism, talent, and variety. While, he doesn’t hit as big of a ball as Jack Sock or Milos Raonic. His defensive movement far outweighs theirs. And in an era, where defensive abilities and physical fitness can take precedence over shot making. It will give him an advantage over the other young players.

Harrison, is also known for being a hard worker. Which you have to be, in order to succeed in this sport. Assuming that he’s able to stay healthy. I look for Ryan Harrison, to be a future top 10 player in the world and possibly even a grand slam champion.That may be jumping the gun a bit but having seen some recent footage of him, I’m willing to make that statement. I think he’s the real deal.


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