Big 4 into the Aussie Open Semis

I can’t say, I’m surprised that the top four players, made it through to the semi-finals. Despite the improvements, in the last few years amongst the lower ranked players, these guys are still heads and shoulders above everyone else. Every tournament they play in, you expect them to go far. They’re all so consistent. It’s very surprising when they lose early. Not that it happens that often.

But I’ve got to say, I’m glad they all made it through. Because these semi-final match-ups are exciting. I mean really exciting. We’re going to see yet another chapter in the Federer/Nadal rivalry and what I anticipate, will be a highly competitive duel, between Djokovic and Murray. Last years finalists. It’s hard to say, which players, are going to win. A Djokovic vs Nadal final seems like the most likely outcome but I wouldn’t put it past Murray, and definitely not Roger, to be the ones who prevail instead.

Federer, has been in great form, all the way through the tournament. Even when he took out the hard hitting Del Potro, in straight sets. This will be a tough match for Nadal, to win. He does have the natural advantage of being a lefty and I fully expect him to keep the ball going to Roger’s backhand all match long. This combined with his previous success against Roger, (9-17 head to head) makes him the overall favorite. Even so, this could go either way. Expect it to go four sets. Probably five.

Now, we have Djokovic and Murray. This is also a tough one to call because while Djokovic, is number one in the world and defending champion. Murray, is very fit and seems hungry to win. Nole, will really need to be on his game, to get past the Scott. Still, I’m gonna say Novak, prevails in 4. Murray’s defensive tendancies, can land him in trouble against the other top players. As we saw with Federer, in the 2010 final. Murray, is vulnerable to consistently aggressive play. Djokovic’s weapons may also be a little bit better. I’d say he has the better forehand and possibly serve. My prediction is Nole, wins this in 4.

So it should be very interesting, to see who is able to pull out the win? Will the finals be a rematch between Djokovic and Nadal? Will we see a rematch of the 2010 Australian final with Federer and Murray. Or something completely different happen, which nobody expects? My money is on the former.


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